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American Dream Nutrition
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American Dream Nutrition
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EZ Power Text is your portable, emergency "Pick Up and Go Security!"

EZ Power Text is NOT Internet-based. So, even when your Internet connection is down, EZ Power Text continues to operate.

EZ Power Text helps you provide parents with the information they need to help their children succeed.

Attention: SCHOOL PRINCIPALS! Don't leave any money on the table because of persistent truancies. Use EZ Power Text to inform parents when their children are not in school.

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Our Customers All Love EZ Power Text!

Our school uses EZ Power Text to alert parents when their children are truant or sick.

"Our school uses EZ Power Text to alert parents when their children are truant or sick. We also send parents their children's test scores and exam results, so they can constantly stay in the loop."

Our company uses EZ Power Text to communicate with our customers and employees.

"Our company uses EZ Power Text to communicate with our customers and employees - especially when our Internet is down. Because EZ Power Text doesn't use the Internet."

When you learn that a potentially catastrophic event is headed in your direction, you need an uncomplicated, quick, and reliable way to reach out to your emergency contacts' list, one which does not require Internet access.

"When you learn that a potentially catastrophic event is headed in your direction, you need an uncomplicated, quick, and reliable way to reach out to your emergency contacts' list, one which does not require Internet access. For example, in case of a real fire (not a fire drill), you can easily prevent injuries by having a battery-powered system you can take outside. Then, you can text up-to-date status info and pick-up instructions to your emergency contacts."
Just for fun, ever heard of a “flash mob”? Hundreds of people receive a text message with the time and place for a special performance (event).

Just for fun, ever heard of a "flash mob"? Hundreds of people receive a text message with the time and place for a special performance (or event). The first flash mobs were impromptu, group dance exhibitions, like the one held at Ohio State University Union in 2010.
Create your own flash mob using EZ Power Text!

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How EZ Power Text Works

EZ Power Text automatically merges each recipient's name and variable information into a personalized text message automatically!

Outbound Message Template Example:

Dear %NAME%, Your %VAR2% %VAR3% has not arrived at school yet. Please reply with CONFIRM when you receive this message.

Outbound Message Results:

Dear Mrs. Lee, Your son James has not arrived at school yet. Please reply with CONFIRM when you receive this message.

Dear Mrs Brown, Your daughter Karen has not arrived at school yet. Please reply with CONFIRM when you receive this message.

Dear Mr Grant, Your son Richard has not arrived at school yet. Please reply with CONFIRM when you receive this message.

You may send to an unlimited number of recipients. At the same time, EZ Power Text will automatically watch all incoming messages for specific KEYWORDs you've defined, and reply with the exact response you've assigned.



Automatic Keyword Response:

Thank you for confirming receipt of our message. Remember, if your child is not in school by 1pm, he will be considered truant. Sincerely, Principal D. Park.

Pricing: Call us at 1-888-316-4111 for system pricing.

Support: We're constantly improving EZ Power Text. So, most customers never even have to contact us for support. But, we will provide it on a per-incident basis at $69.95 each. Also, we will provide web-based, live training should you need it. Just let us know, and we will quote you a flat, per-session rate for up to six attendees per session. Training is fun and surprising. In fact, even before you buy, we'll perform a free 45-minute session for up to six attendees. You'll walk away with some great ideas about how to use EZ Power Text.

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An EZ Power Text system is made up of a MultiTech Cellular Modem, your own PC (desktop or laptop), your own SIM card, and our PC-based EZ Power Text control program.

Send Control
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Campaign Statistics
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• Texts Sent
• Texts Failed
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Outbound Messages
• 0 - 160 Characters
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EZ Power Text in Action!

EZ Power Text with Laptop and Modems


Text messaging, or texting, is sending short, electronic messages between two or more mobile phones or other devices either directly over a telephone network or via an Internet interface. The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS). Text messages sometimes can include images, videos, and sounds. The messaging service is known regionally as a "text" here in North America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. It's also known as "SMS" in most of mainland Europe. And, finally, the service is known as TMS or SMS in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Text messages can be used to interact with automated systems to, for example, turn machines on or off, or order products or services. Schools and municipalities use text messaging to alert parents or constituents to urgent or casual events. Businesses use the messaging service for marketing, payment reminders, and account status, instead of using mail, e-mail or voicemail.

All 26 alphabetic letters, 10 numbers, and common punctuation may be sent by the sender and received by the recipient.

EZ Power Text(TM) is able to send text message to any country in the world participating in the global telephone network.

EZ Power Text(TM) is able to send text message to any country in the world participating in the global telephone network. EZ Power Text DOES NOT use the Internet for transmission of text messages, and is therefore, more reliable and secure.

Unlimited Text Messaging For Everyone

In The United States of America!



Ask us to do all of your texting for you!

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